Why Furvor

Why Furvor

Why Furvor

Who we are and why we do what we do.

Our Beliefs

Furvor was founded on a few key beliefs that fuel who we are and what we offer. We believe in giving back to those who give us so much: our dogs. They offer life-changing support that can’t be replicated elsewhere, and their roles in our family make them deserving of the best quality nutrition available. To this end, we are committed to improving the lives of our dogs through functional foods and supplements, using only high-quality, holistic ingredients so that every animal can enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Our Approach to Simplifying Pet Nutrition

In today’s day and age, the options for conventional dog food are endless. Unfortunately, these often still include bags of kibble and cans of wet food made of relatively low-quality processed ingredients. And while the number of “premium” pet food brands is rapidly increasing, these alternative diets don’t always equate to providing optimal nutrition for your dog’s health needs. With the number and variety of food options for our dogs increasing at a staggering rate, it’s hard to know what’s best for our dogs. The research process is tedious, and the internet is muddled with conflicting advice. We get it. We hear you. Furvor provides the knowledge you need to make the best possible decisions for your pet, without any guesswork.

Adding Furvor to your dog’s diet eliminates this guesswork. Adding a simply daily routine at meal or treat time with Furvor will give you the confidence that you are prioritizing your pet’s health to allow them to live a happy, healthy life.

Furvor’s natural bone broth toppers and functional supplements consist of high-quality ingredients like single source real meat, vegetables and other plant products that are blended to supplement your furry friend’s diet to promote their health, vitality, and longevity. Our commitment to quality involves three simple steps:



1. Learning from nature and refining with science.

We are big believers in bone broth. In many ways it’s an amazing natural elixir. We knew all the incredible health benefits bone broth provides us humans, and we wanted our pets to experience those same benefits. Although bone broth products for dogs already existed in the market, we wanted to create a better broth – one with more nutrition, more flavor, and more value. So that’s just what we did.

When it came to development, we turned to the experts. We worked with the top nutritionists, veterinarians, specialized pet food scientists, and manufacturing experts to create every formula from the ground up. The result? Highly effective formulas you can trust – bone broth toppers and functional soft chews that incorporate key learnings and attributes of our bone broth.

It’s no secret that conventional dog food often does not wholly satisfy the needs of their diets. Dogs were meant to consume protein-rich meats, and the need for those nutrients remains essential. Protein is the foundation of the dog food pyramid. It ideally should make up nearly 30% of their diet. AAFCO establishes that commercial dog food must provide a minimum of 18-22.5% crude protein, which is then lacking about 10% of the ideal level of protein in a dog’s diet. That’s where Furvor comes in. Furvor’s protein-rich toppers fill in the cracks of pet diets, helping them achieve that ideal protein content.



Reaching a desirable level of quality protein can help aid muscle growth, tissue repair and immune functions, leading to optimal health. Furvor’s bone broth toppers boost collagen levels, supporting joint health and enhancing moisture content and elasticity of the skin, while supporting a shiny healthy coat. Our supplements also support the 10 essential amino acids that can only be obtained through your pet’s diet. As building blocks for proteins throughout your pet’s body, amino acids help build and repair body tissues, transport nutrients throughout the body, maintain a healthy skin and coat, support muscle activity, boost the immune system, the list goes on! Your dog can’t be their best selves without them and ultimately, they can’t live without them.


2. Never compromise on using the highest quality, clean ingredients.

We are committed to using the highest quality, clean ingredients. That's why we formulate our products ourselves, so we can ensure that they will never compromise on quality. Each of Furvor’s superfood bone broth toppers are human grade. So, in a pinch, you could use them for your chicken noodle soup or beef stew if needed. They are made from single source proteins, whole natural ingredients and made of ingredients you can count on your hand. And when we say clean, we mean it. Our bone broth toppers are soy, gluten, corn, nut and dairy free and do not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. And lastly, ingredients are sourced and prepared in the US, adhering to and surpassing pet food market standards.


3. Keep it easy for owners and tasty for their pets.

As our name suggests, we are always thinking about how to best bring energy and engagement between pets and their owners. With the addition of a fun daily routine at meal or snack-time, our products have been designed to simplify the care of your furry best friends. Simple, but extremely effective.

And with that said, we never put “tasty” on the back burner. We spent close to two years testing our products with all kinds of dogs with all kinds of palates and we truly believe that we have some of the best tasting treats, and bone broth toppers that take picky eaters to clean bowl club leaders.

Furvor is made by pet parents who understand pet’s needs and have gone through the guesswork for you to create a scientifically backed product that will support the holistic health of your dog. If you think Furvor is Fur You, to learn more, see Why Bone Broth.