We believe Bone broth might just be the most perfect superfood—nutritious and delicious, it’s a core ingredient in everything we make.

Meet Furvor. Daily nutrition for your furry friend.

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They deserve the best.

We only use 100% human-grade bone broth that is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, collagen and all 10 essential amino acids to support your dog's health inside and out.

Improved Gut Health

Better Mobility

Healthy Skin & Coat

Detox Support

Immunity Support

Increased Hydration

Why Bone Broth

Formulated by nutritionists, loved by pets.

We’re leading a movement to reimagine dog nutrition and add goodness to every bite.


The Furvor 30-day Bone Broth Challenge provides the bone broth you need to optimize your dogs health and take the guesswork out of pet nutrition

A simple daily addition to optimize your dog’s nutrition.

The Furvor 30-day bone broth pack contains the toppers and chews you need for your dog’s 30-day Challenge.

Plus, you will be provided with tips on how to optimize your dog’s health during the challenge.

Bone Broth Toppers

Great find!!

I've been looking for something for my puppy Dania (she's a young siberian huskey) because she's had health issues since she was young and found these chews! They've been a great supplement and are much more enjoyable than her medications! Such a great find.

Susan L.

Tasty AND Functional

Got these in hopes of switching to a more healthy and beneficial treat for my jack russell terrier Finn. He's 9 years old and could use the immune support. I was worried about how he would like a more functional chew but can't get enough of them!!


GREAT for energetic pups

Our dog Jax gets veryyy excited at anything (he's earned the name Jumping Jax) and he loves these chews!! I've definitely seen him settle down more with him eating them more consistently.


Great for active dogs

I'm a big hiker/runner and I like going into the mountains with my german short hair, but I can tell it takes a toll on his joints. This is a great supplement to take care of him while being enjoyable for him to eat - I was happy to see how much my dog likes them. Definitely would recommend to other big outdoors people.

Jessica C.

New favorite treat

Mocha + Latte my two mini Australian Shepards come RUNNING when they hear the cap twist off these chews!! This treat is a new household favorite


LOVE these

I use supplements for my own hair so I was ecstatic to see they have them for dogs. Clara, my shih tzu, loves these and we started seeing more fluffiness in her coat after consistently giving her them!!

Kacey K.

30 Days Challenge

We were lucky to get early samples of Furvor's bone broth and I can truly say that we can see a meaningful difference in the overall appearance and health of Ollie's coat (our five year-old Golden Retriever).


So Easy. So Good.

Love this product and my Mini Aussie Ellie loves it even more! So easy to use on the daily.


Bone Broth Challenge

We are 30 days into the bone broth challenge with Jack our 5 year-old golden-doodle. Speed of devouring nightly meals would alone give Furvor a high review but it has been really interesting watching the transition to an overall healthier coat.

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Our Purpose

When you are part of the Furvor community, you bring purpose and meaning to your pet nutrition purchase.

Furvor is committed to donate 1% of our annual sales to support service dog organizations across the United States.

Our Story