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Our fervor for Furvor

Fervor [fur-ver] – an intense and passionate feeling.
Furvor is more than a pet food company.

We are on a mission to bring high-quality, natural nutrition to pets everywhere while helping expand the availability of service dogs that help those in need live a richer, fuller life.

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Sporting Dog Family Origins

It all started following a hot summer hike. Our two exhausted dogs – Henry and Ollie - seemed to need more than just water, so we added some bone broth to their water and kibble.

The result was more energy, more mobility, and a faster recovery time. We were inspired to use our passion – our fervor - for the health and well-being of our dogs to create Furvor.

Why? Because we know all the incredible health benefits this one single product provides us humans, and we wanted our pets to experience those same benefits.

Although bone broth products for dogs already existed in the market, we wanted to create a better broth—one with more nutrition, more flavor and more value. So that’s just what we did.

We spent over a year blending, researching and testing our bone broth formulas. Working with one of the leading bone broth manufacturers in the United States, we created a first-of-a-kind product for the category with our toppers—and that’s just the beginning.

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Finding A true Purpose

Our dogs Henry and Ollie were lost in a tragic accident after they inspired us to create Furvor. They were a deeply entrenched part of our family. Our youngest son relied on our older dog, Henry, to help manage his anxiety during his early teenage years. Henry was a close companion, a comfort blanket when needed and in many ways his unofficial therapy dog.

This loss highlighted the importance of that bond – that relationship – that partnership.

We now have Talley, a Bernese Mountain Dog, who has completed formal service dog training with our son through a program developed principally to support veterans who would benefit from the use of a service dog to assist with physical limitations and neurological conditions. That experience was both eye-opening and inspirational.

Our dogs have only experienced massive benefits since we began incorporating Furvor bone broth & chews into their diets. We invite you to give our products a try to experience these same amazing benefits for your lifelong furry friends.

We have seen first-hand the life changing impact of a service dog, and we’re proud to support organizations committed to connecting those in need with these canine companions.

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Our commitment to quality

Harnessing the Power of Nature, Enhanced with Scientific Expertise.

Unwavering Dedication to Premium, Pure Ingredients.

Simplicity for Pet Owners, Delight for Four-Legged Friends.

We work with top top nutritionists, veterinarians, specialized pet food scientists, and manufacturing experts to create every formula from the ground up.

Highly effective formulas you can trust.

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Giving back to those who give us so much

When you are part of the Furvor community, you bring purpose and meaning to your pet nutrition purchase. We are committed to donate 1% of our annual sales to these two organizations:

Next Step Service Dog:  Training dogs to be become amazing service companions for veterans and first responders.

Good Dog! Service Canines:  Helping children with Autism, Apraxia, ADHD, Down Syndrome and other related disorders through their training and dog placement programs.



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