3 Ways to Furvor

3 Ways to Furvor

3 Ways to Furvor

Furvor adds that extra layer of deliciousness to whatever your dog is eating. It also makes it healthier and rounds out the nutrients in your dog's diet that will give your pup all the benefits that our bone broth has to offer. How do you use Furvor? Remember, there is no wrong way to use Furvor. Just like one person may prefer their coffee hot and black and another may want it cold with milk, dogs absolutely have food preferences as well. Here are three ways to get your Furvor on every day! It’s all about building the excitement bringing Furvor into the diet of your pet.


1. Topping it off

Take a bowl of Kibble, and for an average size dog, take 1 tablespoon of bone broth (consult the label of the product to figure out the best serving size for your dog) and drizzle it on your dog’s kibble. Have fun with it! Draw a smiley face, write in the initials of your dog, get creative. Also, the more you use Furvor, the more comfortable you will be in understanding how much Furvor a serving feels like for your dog.



2. Mixing it in   

Our founder’s personal favorite (as well as his dogs). In this instance, take once again about 1 tablespoon of bone broth and add it to your dog’s meal, drizzling it all over the kibble. But then add one more easy step - pour in about a half cup of water to create a gravy-like mixture and take your dog’s dinner to the next level! Use a spoon, your hands, etc. and mix it in evenly. Mixing it in provides a great combo benefit as well – your pup gets all the superfood benefits of our bone broth with additional daily hydration. If you are using kibble or dehydrated foods, this is a must try! Over the last few years, we have found that most dogs prefer this approach.



3. Drink it up

This is a great mixology to create post-playtime after your pup has gotten some good exercise in and is wanting to be refueled whether it’s a nice hike in the mountains or a walk in the park. From a nutrient profile, this method gives your dogs the superfood ingredients valuable for recovery. Use your dog’s water bowl and fill it, adding about 1-2 tablespoons of bone broth to the bowl, depending on its size. Take your spoon and mix it in. The color of the water will turn a translucent brown as our bone broth is diluted. This will be both a delicious thirst quencher and supercharged hydration drink your pup is sure to enjoy!




Have fun with Furvor and connect with your pup!
To see 3 ways to Furvor in action, click here.