Our Give Back Program – Giving Back to Those Who Give Us So Much

Our Give Back Program – Giving Back to Those Who Give Us So Much

Our Give Back Program – Giving Back to Those Who Give Us So Much

We founded Furvor to be much more than a pet nutrition company - we are on a mission to expand the awareness and availability of service dogs that help those in need live a richer, fuller life.


Our dogs Henry and Ollie were lost in a tragic accident after they inspired us to create Furvor two years ago. They were a deeply integral part of our family. Carson, my youngest son, and co-founder of Furvor, relied on our older dog, Henry, to help manage his anxiety and ADHD during his early teenage years. Henry was a close companion, a comfort blanket when needed and in many ways his unofficial therapy dog.

This loss highlighted the importance of that bond – that relationship – that partnership. 

We now have Talley, a Bernese Mountain Dog, who completed service dog training with Carson through a program developed principally to support veterans who would benefit from the use of a service dog to assist with physical limitations and neurological conditions. That experience was both eye-opening and inspirational.     


We have seen first-hand the life changing impact of a service dog, and we’re proud to support organizations committed to connecting those in need with these canine companions.



When you are part of the Furvor community, you bring purpose and meaning to your pet nutrition purchase. We are committed to donate 1% of our annual sales to these two organizations:

Talley and Carson did their Service dog Training with Next Step Service Dogs. They train dogs to be become amazing service companions for veterans and first responders. Their customized trainings can take a few years and is costly. Your purchase with Furvor will go a long way to help Next Step continue to care for and provide a lifesaving and changing service to the community. Learn more about one of our favorite organizations. 

Good Dog is helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Apraxia, ADHD, Down Syndrome and other related disorders through their highly specialized training and dog placement programs. The families and children who receive one of Good Dog's beautiful pups receive the much needed help, love, and support that only a specialist dog like Good Dog can provide. Find out more about this incredible organization.

To learn more from our founder about our 1% giveback, check out Furvorpets on YouTube!