The Furvor 10x Difference

The Furvor 10x Difference

The Furvor 10x Difference

It’s no secret that Bone Broth has countless benefits for pups of all ages. It helps boost the immune system, improves skin and coat health, supports strong joints, improves digestive health, provides a wealth of essential minerals, helps fight inflammation, and strengthens hydration and appetite amongst other benefits. When we say bone broth is a perfect superfood, there’s good reason. Our bone broth is not your average bone broth. Our goal was to create a thicker, more concentrated, and nutritionally dense bone broth, not just another version of flavored water that has a limited shelf-life and will spoil or lose flavor in days after opening.

Part of our fervor for Furvor comes from offering something on the market that no other bone broth does. Furvor is not a little bit different, but rather more than 10x more nutritionally dense than traditional bone broth, and we think that’s worth barking about. Five categories differentiate Furvor and its 10x advantage, including water content, protein, collagen, fats, serving size/cost per serving, and shelf life.

Water Content

One of the main driving factors for differences between Furvor’s bone broth and the industry standard is water content. The industry standard ranges from 95%-99% water, which means only 1%-5% that’s available to drive nutrients to your pups, arguably making it flavored water. Furvor’s bone broth, on the other hand, is only 57-58% water, which offers over 40% nutritional value. With Furvor, you’re paying for nutrition, not for flavored water.


Furvor’s protein content ranges from 26%-29%. The industry standard ranges from 1%-3% protein, at times, 5%, but nowhere near as high as what Furvor has to offer. Protein is an essential nutrient in bone broth that makes it so nutritionally valuable. It’s best known for supplying amino acids and supporting the growth of skin, hair, nails, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons amongst many other essential functions.


Collagen is a type of protein but is incredibly important to understand its content for pups because it’s the most abundant protein in bone broth. Collagen significantly supports skin and coat health for dogs. Our Furvor products range between 18%-30% collagen levels in our bone broths, which really pack a punch for your pups. The industry standard ranges from a meager 0%-2%.


The fats in bone broth are healthy fats, essential for balancing a nutritious diet for dogs. Active dogs need fat to give them energy for movement, fueling their muscles. Looking at the dog food pyramid, fats should make up between 15%-25% of dogs’ diets. Furvor’s bone broth offers 2%-2.6% fat content. The industry standard is 0.1%, 1/10th of 1%, almost nonexistent in many industry formulas.

Serving Size & Cost Per Serving

The industry standard for servings per container ranges from 1-8. Furvor’s containers have over 30 servings. With such a big difference in serving sizes, our cost per serving ranges from $0.80-$0.90 per serving, while traditional bone broth offerings range from $1.25-$2.50 per serving. Competitors may have a smaller price at face value, but when broken down into serving sizes, Furvor is a much better bang for your buck that will last significantly longer.

Shelf Life

This is an area we focused on in hopes of being dramatically different from traditional approaches to bone broth. Once you open traditional bone broths, it takes between 1-2 weeks before the palatability of the taste suffers. Once Furvor’s bone broth is opened, its palatability will be unchanged for 3+ months. And 12 weeks is guaranteed for nutritional and palatable value.


We care about bringing a product into your home that offers value beyond what the market currently has to offer, and we hope you can enjoy 10x the nutritional benefits with Furvor! To hear more about Furvor’s 10x difference in a Battle of Bone Broths for dogs introduced by our founder, click here.